I am thrilled!!! I studied and studied the CDL manual and although I got ‘some’ of it, I just could not get all of it. I bought your test and studied daily for a couple of weeks. Today I felt confident enough (yet scared to death) to take my real test. Like magic, I passed with a very high score. I was very amazed at how close your questions were to the actual test and not only did I pass my permit, I feel very confident that the repetition you gave on your quiz will help me to be a much safer driver. I cannot thank you enough for your help. I would recommend this to anyone!!!

Dee Hardy – PA TDH and Sons, Inc.
Thomas E. Hardy, Sr. -President / CEO
DeeAnn M. Hardy – Director of Administration

I’d just like to thank you for having these answers available. I passed ALL but my air brake written on the first try. In Ca. the DMV does all they can to trip you up because the wording on the questions is different and misleading compared to the questions the feds use. The air brake was my fault anyway ’cause I figured I’d have that one cold but all’s well cause I nailed it on the second try. So,to review, I passed my gen.knowledge, combination vehicles, tanker, doubles triples, and hazmat on my first try (I didn’t take the passenger test because I didn’t bring my Greyhound Bus (reg tm) with me or I’d have passed it too!) Not bad for only getting the course yesterday! I did very little study of a book I bought and this program is what really did the trick!Thanks a lot,

Lenny M. from La Mesa, CA

“Until I found your program, I always failed miserably in the General Knowledge exam. I started using it at 4:30pm one day and by 1:30pm the next day, I had passed it with flying colors!! I don’t know if I would ever have passed the test without your expertise on the subject! Others should BELIEVE in this sytem because it WORKS!”

Rob from Newton, NJ

Hi, I just wanted to say that your program worked for me. I passed my CDL with Passenger, Airbrakes and School bus on my 1st try after studying your test for three days. I just wanted to say it was well worth the investment. I was amazed how your questions where right on with the BMV. Thanks again.


This is my first time ever sharing a testimony about a product I’ ve used. But this product is so amazing that I feel like I must do so.

I am currently enrolled in a 15 week truck driving course at an accredited community college. We had studied 2 long weeks getting us prepared to take the CDL permit test in order to go out on the driving range to practice driving. I went to take the test and failed 3 times. I became very aggravated, desponded, doomed and gloomed when one of my instructors casually mentioned your web site. When I got home I decided why not give this web site a try.

I studied your program for 1 and 1/2 days, went down and passed all sections with no problem at all. Your program not only allowed me to pass the test, (most importantly) I felt more confident of the processes it took to pass the test. When the questions came up on the screen, I immediately new the answers without hesitation at all.

Because of your program I can proudly say, I’m very confident that I will be that professional, courteous and safe truck driver that DOT wants from me.

Glenda G. Wilson
Bessemer, Alabama

Just wanted to thank you for the great material. I passed my CDL permit test (General Knowledge, Air Brakes, and Combination) on the first try with no problems. I could not have done it without your material. I will use it again to help me pass the pre-trip inspection and to get the hazmat endorsment. Thanks again. P.S. Great price too!

Kevin Hudson, NC

I would like to stop and tell you! All the CDL’ test that I did through your online testing worked GREAT. And now I have a Class “A”. It would have been VERY hard to do with out going through your testing Online test!! Thank You BIG TIME!!!

George C.

I study of your practical test for passenger, general knowledge and air brake for a week and finally today 6/14/2010 I did the motor vehicle test once more and I pass it with a score of about 90% with no problems, it really work for me, thank you very much for had this idea to create this website, that is definite worth the money I paid, I never would pass with the handbook given by the motor vehicle, it’s just not clear, especially for a Italian Immigrant like me, that my reading and writing knowledge is limited.

I just want to thank you, I been try to pass for more then a month studding on the book, with your test it took me a week to get everything I needed.

Best regards,
Dominick Nicolosi